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Australia Vietnam Business Council

Australia Vietnam Business Council Committee

Laurence STRANO – National President
is the Chief Consultant of Laurence Strano & Consulting Associates (25 yrs.). He was also the former Chief Economist, Export Finance & Insurance Corporation (14 yrs.) as well as the Executive Chairman of Global Trade Support (10yrs.). Laurence was also a Visiting Lecturer on Viet Nam and SME Globalization, as well as a Visiting Lecturer on Finance, for the UTS MBA Programs and Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Laurence is committed to advising Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Australia and throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East on Globalization. He is currently the Founder and National President of the Australia Vietnam Business Council. Since 1996, the organization is focused on business networking opportunities for members, as well as to facilitate bilateral trade between Australia and Viet Nam.
Kiem DINH – Deputy President
has over 18 years’ experience in the Finance, holding diplomas in Real Estate, Commercial and Office Building, Sourcing Property Sites to potential investors and developers looking for a good return. Past experience as Fixed Interest Portfolios Manager, managing government bonds and short term bills in New Zealand for Government Life Insurance (now Tower Corp.). Financial Planning – Sourcing funding for development projects ranging from residential to $3billion AUD. As a Co-Founding Member of Australia Vietnam Business Council and currently Deputy President whose existence (20yrs.) is to foster the commercial relationship of potential business partners between Australia and Viet Nam.
Thomas VO – Treasurer & Public Office
is Managing Director of TVM Digital and is an entrepreneurial Innovator of Digital Transformation & Emerging Technology for Corporations, Medium & Small Enterprises (SMEs), Start-Ups, NFP Organizations with over 25 years’ experience in Computer Science & Information Technology. Thomas is co-developing TVM Marketing with a team of professional entrepreneurs involved in Marketing, Media & Communications. He believes that Digital Marketing & Digital E-Commerce will accelerate businesses globally in the marketplace, as well as keeping up pace with the continuous changes in the world of Digital Information & Technology. Thomas is an Executive Director, Wisegate Mortgage & Finance Company, with extensive knowledge of the Banking Industry. He is a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) as well as a member of the Australian Computing Society (ACS). Thomas is currently the Vice President of Digital Innovation, Marketing & Communications as well as Education- University, Secondary, Primary and International Student Portfolios for the Australia Vietnam Business Council.
Azalia CANUTO-AH MAT – Secretary
is an independent Executive Marketing & Communication Strategist, as well as the Executive Consultant for Laurence Strano & Consulting Associates and Executive Director of TVM Marketing. She was a former Senior Public Servant (15 yrs) and also an Executive Marketing & Communication Strategist for Companies, SMEs, and NFP Organizations (25yrs). Some of the highlights of her career included the recruitment of Cadet Journalists for major media establishments in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin. She is also a recognized author of various discussion papers and submissions based on Community Economic Development, Intercultural Communications, and Employment, Recruitment & Training Strategic Initiatives for the Australian Public & Private Sector. She was also the Director of the Indigenous Participation Ceremony at the Inaugural Launch of the Australian Council of Churches in Canberra that was broadcast and televised live throughout Australia and South East Asia. Azalia is currently the Secretary and Vice President of the Sports Development and Real Estate & Commercial Development Portfolios, Australia Vietnam Business Council.
Graham KINDER – Vice President (AVBC Portfolios)
is the Vice President of Economic Development and Community Relations and Sister City Relations, as well as Public Relations, AVBC Conference Coordination and Speakers Bureau Portfolios for the Australia Vietnam Business Council. Graham has over 30 years in Financial Services Industry, with vast experience and expertise in the Australia Capital Markets, Retail and Wholesale Superannuation, Investment Management, Financial Planning, Actuarial and Insurance Sectors. He has held senior positions in corporations and varied companies such as MLC (City Mutual), Westpac Investment Management, ING (Mercantile Mutual), and founder of the Strategic Group. Graham has long-term consulting contracts with Equity Trustees Superannuation, Elders and Linchpin Capital. During the Global Financial Crisis, his unique depth of skills helped preserve literally thousands of clients and advisors. Graham is currently a Volunteer Deputy Captain with the NSW State Emergency Services. Graham was recognized and acknowledged at the 2016 Australia Day Awards by receiving the Emergency Services Medal.
Son Thanh DO – Vice President (Viet Nam)
Son Thanh DO is the Chairman of the Rich Group JSC based in Viet Nam with over 200 employees comprising of young Digital Information Technology innovators. The company commenced its business in 2010 with a group of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs with ambition and determination to strive for success. Thanks to a clear strategy and the right direction, the Rich Group continues its sound and sustainable position in the many fields that have brought certain successes, such as in the areas of Information Technology, Commerce, Real Estate, Education, Training and Human Resources Supply that are considered as the key strengths of the Rich Group in the future. Son is currently the Vice President of Australia Vietnam Business Council in Vietnam.

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